How to wrap food wraps - 3 great ways to serve street food wraps

Ever wondered how to serve wraps? You're in the right place! We're going to use 3 food packaging methods using different materials to wrap those delicious wraps. 

#1 Greaseproof Paper Sheets

Greaseproof paper (or parchment paper as it's sometimes known) is a cost effective and relatively easy way to serve your wraps. They are thin so you can stack a lot in a small space. They are readily available in different sizes, colours and prints. Greaseproof paper can  also be easily printed in small batches with your logo on. Our greaseproof sheets are oven proof, freezer proof, microwave proof and are environmentally friendly: biodegradable & compostable.

how to use food wraps

1) If your wraps are pre baked and ready to go, then lay your bread flat on top of you stack of greaseproof paper. Tip: If you're using printed greaseproof paper sheets then make sure that they are upside down - this will ensure that the print will always be the correct way up when you hand over the wrap to your customer. Winning!! This will also help with speed of service and gets your brand seen! Have the wraps somewhere pretty central on your stall so that you can reach out comfortably around you for sauces and fillings.. again this will save time and whizz through those queues.

how to make food wraps

2) Once you've filled up your wraps it's time to tease up one of the edges, lift and tightly roll up into a nice tube / sausage shape; tucking it into itself and over to hold its' shape. The wrap at this point should be sitting in the middle of your greaseproof paper, parallel to the top and bottom edges of the parchment paper ready for wrapping. 

how to fold food wraps

how to wrap a wrap with greaseproof paper for street food stall

3) Fold over the parchment paper and tuck the edge into the wrap following the contours of the wrap. This should hold the wrap in place so you can now freely fold the sides of the greaseproof paper inwards towards the centre of the wrap. 

street food packaging how to wrap a wrap

 4) Now the fiddly bit is complete (oh yeah!! .. Of course, with practice you'll be a pro, it's just like riding a bike !) Now all that's left to do is to roll up the wrap tightly, being careful not to squash inside and voila! 

greaseproof paper wraps for street food vendors

 street food wraps greaseproof paper sheets

#2 Foil Sheet Wraps

Foil sheets are great for wrapping food products. The flat foil sheets are very malleable and hold their shape. They look premium and to take it a few steps further they can even be printed, which looks unreal! Foil is easily recyclable making them great for serving wraps for takeaway or street food stalls.

foil food wraps wrapping food street food vendor

1) Foil sheets are wrapped using the same method as greaseproof sheets above. They are a little easier to use as they hold their shape, a perfect choice for a start-up street food stall or for speeding up service.

street food stall London wrapping wrap in foil sheets

2) The foil sheets mostly come in square sizes such as 12" x 12". Foil sheets are a little easier to wrap than greaseproof paper due to holding their shape better. They also have great heat retention properties so if your street food stall offers home delivery by uber eats or deliveroo, then foil sheets are a great option for you.

how to wrap a wrap in foil sheets street food vendor london

3) Once the wrap has been rolled up, the sides can be lightly squeezed in to holds its' shape. Foil sheets reflect the authenticity of street food, the creases show that food has been prepared, cooked and finished off by hand. Customers are excited to unwrap and eat the delicious goodness inside!

#3 Bagasse Trays

Bagasse is made from sugar cane production waste. Highly sustainable and great for the environment. Traditionally, sugar cane waste would have been burnt letting off harmful gasses into the environment. Now the waste is used to make food packaging; it's 100% biodegradable and compostable as it's an all natural product. Bagasse is very strong, rigid and lightweight; making it ideal for street food lunches on the run.

flattening out fresh wrap cooking

If you're making your tortilla fresh, then bagasse is the way to go.

making a delicious wrap street food packaging

Making up the wraps directly on the hot plate adds some theatrics to the food. It's another way to draw in those crowds and drive sales. Cooking your wraps this way does limit you slightly as putting a foil wrap or greaseproof wrap directly onto the hot plate might not be the best option as it could damage the wraps and you might burn yourself.

cutting wrap ready to place on bagasse paper tray

This street food trader has made up the wrap directly on the hot plate and sliced it into two pieces, making it easier to handle and eat on the move. The clean white bagasse against the wrap makes this dish so appealing! 

wrap on bagasse paper tray street food packaging


So how do the different packaging materials stack up?


Paper Greaseproof Sheets:

Readily available

Freezer / Microwave / Oven Proof


Cheap to print 

Small print runs

Great for branding


Foil Sheets:

Readily available

Freezer / Microwave / Oven Proof


A little bit more expensive to print

Slightly larger minimum print runs

High heat retention for home delivery / takeaway

Contrast of foil and print looks amazing!


Bagasse Trays:

Readily available

Freezer / Microwave / Oven Proof

Eco-Friendly (made from sugar cane waste)

Sustainable production

Great for eating on the move

No printing option - although you could use a sticker. 


Printed Greaseproof Sheets

If you need biodegradable greaseproof sheets printed with your logo on then we have multiple sheet sizes to suit everyone - check out our custom printed food packaging HERE. Production times are usually 7 - 1- working days from artwork sign off, printed in full colour high quality vegetable inks.  

Printed foil sheets

These foil sheets give a real premium look when printed on, contrasting food safe inks printed on top of the foil look striking! Slightly higher minimum print runs and lead time but if your a street food stall serving wraps looking for a packaging point of difference then these custom printed foil sheet are perfect for you! Call us today on: 02034 882200 or email help@packgenie.co.uk and our friendly team will be happy to get a no obligation free quote together for you.