3 Great Uses for Printed Coffee Cups

Printed disposable coffee cups are no new thing. They’ve been used by businesses as an offline marketing strategy for years, as well as looking visually appealing to customers. However, there may be more benefits to a printed coffee cups than you realise!

1. As Part of An Effective Branding Strategy

Many companies use customised printed coffee cups to showcase their logo or branding colours. In fact, paper cup advertising is one of the most successful under the radar offline marketing strategies for food businesses. For one, with the British population having an infamous coffee addiction, there’s no better way to spread your brand quickly to the masses.

Secondly, with your customers holding a coffee cup in their hand for the entire period they enjoy their hot drink, they’re less likely to be ignored than brochures or leaflets which can quickly get forgotten about. You also don’t have to be selling hot drinks to benefit from using branded coffee cups. Branded coffee cups can be filled with cold drinks, sweets, crisps, alcoholic beverages, or even ice cream!

Even if you offer a service or a non-edible product, printed coffee cups can still be used as part of your marketing strategy. If you’re targeting a specific audience with your business, why not hand out your personalised coffee cups at a location you’ll know they’ll be, such as a school, co-working space, or networking event? It’s a quick and effective way to get the message out to the right people.

Check out one of PackGenie's customer LEO BANCROFT who do an exceptional job at using eco friendly printed paper cups as part of their brand strategy:

2. To Enhance Themed Parties & Events

Custom printed coffee cups can be used to enhance the theme of any event you may be catering or hosting. We can put any design you can dream up onto our printed coffee cups, so whether you’re looking for something in the theme of superheroes, animals, or anything in between, you can make your design truly unique.

Although COVID is limiting our social interactions right now, it’s never too early to get planning for your next event or consider how you can elevate and enhance your offering for your next corporate catering gig, special event or wedding you supply too.

3. As a COVID-Friendly Option

Speaking of COVID, printed coffee cups are also a wonderfully safe and hygenic option because they can be disposed of after use, compared to traditional coffee cups that will need to be washed. With many businesses in the hospitality sector forced to revert to collection and delivery only, a printed coffee cup is a practical, affordable and hygienic addition to your offering.

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