3 Fun Promo Ideas to Mark the Queen’s Jubilee

This year marks the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, celebrating 70 years in service for Her Majesty. And its setting up to be an incredible event. Not only is Queen Elizabeth II the first British monarch to reach such an important milestone, but the public have been given a four-day weekend to honour this important, memorable occasion.

For businesses, there’s a fantastic opportunity here to impress your customers, reach out to new ones, and build strong relationships that keep them coming back for more, all year long. It’s a chance to leverage the power of a shared celebration.

So just what are some fun promo ideas you can use to mark the Jubilee?

1. Bunting

Across Britain and Northern Ireland, more than 800 street parties and private events have been registered with the UK Government during the 4-day weekend. And as we all know, there’s no street party without bunting! Bunting is a traditional part of the classic British street party, transforming the streets we walk and drive down every day into a colourful, lively celebration venue. Popping some promotional bunting in with your customers orders gives them a fun yet practical freebie that livens up their events, gets your brand name out there, and can be used again and again (don’t forget… it's only four years until the Queen’s 100th birthday!) Find our full range of custom printed bunting here

2. Printed Stickers & Napkins

Again, if you’re wanting to appeal to the street party crowd, printed stickers and napkins are a great way to do it. While many businesses use printed stickers to customise otherwise plain or generic packaging, there’s an opportunity here to pop a few stickers in with every order and allow your customers to use them as part of their street party decor. Or stick them to themselves! You could even design your stickers in the format of a name tag to help neighbours all get to know each other better. As for napkins… They’re great for spillages as the drinks start flowing. Even popping just one or two promo napkins in with an order can help prevent a mess!  You can see all our printed stickers here
and find our printed napkins here

3. Printed Food Packaging

If you’re a takeaway business, you’ll already know that demand rises significantly during bank holiday weekend. In fact, research by Foodhub estimates that orders can rise by nearly 30%! Just imagine the opportunities will arise during the Jubilee. Why not give your customers something to smile about - other than their mouth-watering food, of course - with limited edition Jubilee packaging? Pizzas? Printed greaseproof paper. Burgers? Customised flags. Fish and chips? Patriotic boxes adorned with the colours of the Union Jack. The possibilities to engage with your customers and share in this exciting once-in-a-lifetime event are almost endless. See our custom food flags here

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

After what has been a terrible couple of years, the Platinum Jubilee is finally something we can all come together to celebrate. And what a celebration it’s gearing up to be. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to better connect with your customers. At Pack Genie, we’ve got all the fun promo products you need!

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