3 food flag uses you might not have thought of

Do you regularly use food or burger flags to promote your brand and to give those lip-smacking creations that little extra zing? We’re about to show you a few more ways that our own food safe food flags can be used to enhance your offering, keep your diners safe and healthy and give them a good reason to keep coming back for more! 

Check out a few new and creative ideas to make the most of our FSC paper food safe flags below.


Upgrade your sandwiches

Who says that food flags are just for burgers? With lunchtime diners looking for far more than the standard soggy cheese sandwich bought from home, the takeout sandwich market is absolutely booming!

From grilled creations oozing with molten cheese to stacked temptations piled high with unusual fillings and artisan breads, popping a food-safe flag on the top of your signature sandwiches doesn't just keep that mountain of fillings in place, it also serves as a reminder of your brand and a great way of getting your visuals across on social media too!


Allergen information

One of the key responsibilities for any business that makes and serves food to customers is the correct labelling of ingredients. This includes reporting any allergens that can be potentially harmful to those with intolerances and sensitivities. Having food flags in various colours can help customers to understand what allergens your products contain at a glance (such as nuts, shellfish or diary for those that do not consume animal products).

This is a particularly useful idea for cafes, restaurants and takeaways that display certain foods in glass cabinets or on counters and can act as another highly visual allergen or dietary requirement safeguard for both staff and customers alike.


Promotions and offers

If you’re looking for a quirky way of getting your customers to spend more or keep them returning to your business time and time again, why not use our food safe food flags as a promotional tool?

From asking customers to collect a certain number in return for a discount or free product such as a drink or dessert to promoting a new menu offering or special that will complement their meal, our food flags come in two standard sizes. We also free artwork so that you can change the promotion on a regular basis to engage and interest diners no matter how frequently they order from your café, takeaway or restaurant. 


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