3 Branding & Marketing Benefits of Express Coffee Cups


For many casual food businesses, express coffee cups are an everyday essential. Whether it’s local workers popping in for a caffeine fix on their way to the office, or parents picking up some takeaway hot chocolates to keep the kids entertained as they stroll around town, express cups are a hugely important part of operations. 

But they’re more than just a cup…

…They’re a marketer’s secret weapon. 

It’s not just what’s *in* the cup that matters. It’s what’s *on* the cup, too. The design of your express coffee cups could bring major branding and marketing benefits. 

And here are three of them:

1. It’s Free Marketing

People walking around with your brand name in their hands? There’s really nothing better. Customers are becoming increasingly distrustful of brands themselves, instead preferring to seek recommendations from their peers. It’s why online reviews have become such an essential part of 21st century business. A branded cup in your customer’s hand is the real world equivalent of an online review. It’s a way to transform your customers into brand advocates and extend visibility of your store. 


2. It Encourages Repeat Custom

How many workers stop by for an express coffee on their way to work? Lots? Then you’re in luck. Many finish these drinks at their desks, but are often too busy to immediately get up and pop the cup in the recycling bin. That cup - and your branding - sit on the desk all day. The worker sees it. They think about it. It’s on their mind. And they plan to revisit - perhaps later on, or the following morning. The right express coffee cup could be key to building up a strong network of loyal customers.

3. It Delivers a Powerful Message

Imagine you stop by two different shops for a takeaway coffee. From one, you receive your drink in a plain white paper cup. From the other, you receive your drink in a branded cup that’s unique to the business. Ask yourself which one looks more professional. Which one says ‘this is a successful brand’? Which says ‘this brand is committed to its customers’? Which one do you instantly place your trust in? Investing in branding provides peace of mind to customers; it demonstrates trust. 

So whether it’s a personalised PET plastic cup for cold brews and fraps, or a printed paper cup for coffees, teas, and hot chocolates, don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to transform a simple container into a powerful marketing tool. 


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