2023 Packaging trends and how to follow them with Packgenie

2023 Packaging trends and how to follow them with Packgenie

Keeping It minimalistic 

Clean slick branding has been popular on the packaging scene for a while now, but now more than ever we see this trend becoming the go to with the change in people shopping consciously. Clean minimalistic packaging gives off the impression the brand has more sustainable/ eco credentials than its bright colourful over saturated competitor. Using less ink and opting for virgin Kraft with plain simple texts helps drive the brands sustainable message without having to shout about it. 

Packgenie offer a wide range of packaging options that can be custom branded with your logo on. We have a range of products that come in either white or Kraft and can be printed how ever you like. Whether you want a bright pink takeaway bag or you want to opt for this new emerging minimal trend we can print how you wish. 


Sustainable packaging 

Moving on to sustainability from the minimal trend. With global warming and plastic pollution among the many things so incredibly wrong with the world. Business are seeking ways they can minimise their carbon footprint. switching to plain packaging to reduce the production process. There are many ways you can brand your business while still using custom branded packaging. 

Mixing plain with printed is a great way to keep costs down, while still keeping it personal to your Business making sure your customers remember you and snap away at their food before they eat. As said before branding your food packaging is a great marketing hack that will allow your customers do the work for you. 

Here are 3 Simple ways you can brand up your plain packaging to keep your brand as eco friendly possible without having to compromise on branding.  

For e-commerce business - stickers & tape 

Source yourself some Kraft plain mailer boxes and come to Packgenie for our Kraft paper packaging tape. We can add up to 3 colours to the paper tape. This can be added to the edges/corners of the box without having to be removed before your customer puts in the recycling bin. Unlike most box packaging tape ours is completely eco friendly even after it's been custom branded. 

We have a selection of stickers available and we know its cool to have metallic or clear vinyl stickers, but we think its even cooler if you go for some nice textured stickers that are made completely from paper and full recyclable. 

We have all been there at the recycling bin contemplating whether we take all the stickers and tape off before tossing it away to start its journey to its next life. 


Coffee shops - cups & stamps 

We have a range of eco friendly packaging alternatives at Packgenie, but there’s one in particular we like to rave about and that’s the reCups coffee cups we have ready to purchase on our site. 

reCups are just the same as any other double wall paper cup but can be recycled in a regular paper reprocessing plants and turned into new paper products again.

reCups are so unique that they are the only double wall paper cups with AAA certification by the institute of cyclos-HTP in collaboration with the European Green Dot scheme.


An alternative to ordering our custom branded eco friendly coffee cups would be to invest in a coffee cup stamp, this way you can stick with your current plain packaging, but  add a touch of branding. 


Takeaway food business - self assemble folding card tray

Packgenie offers self assemble food trays that are perfect for a variety of takeaway food dishes including sweet treats and savoury snacks. These are completely made from card and can be fully branded with your logo. 


Get in touch today to shop custom printed packaging with packgenie.co.uk and hop on the 2023 packaging trends.

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