10 ways to promote your business with branded paper cups


Every year, Brits use more than 3.2 billion paper cups, with the average person purchasing 5 paper cups per month. If left un-branded, that’s 3.2 billion wasted opportunities for marketing a business. 

Whether you’re a coffee shop, café, or general eatery that sells drinks in paper cups, it’s worth considering the many benefits of this additional promotional tool. In this blog, we’re going to shine a light on some of the reasons why branded paper cups are useful tools for helping to promote your business.


1. Build brand awareness

A branded paper cup is essentially a brand ambassador. After your customer has purchased a drink from your establishment, they will return to the office, take a walk around the city, or hop on the bus with your logo in their hand.


This means that any passers-by, colleagues, or friends will see your customer with a paper cup from your business. If they engage in conversation over the delicious contents, even better! A branded paper cup helps to spread the word about your business, with minimal effort required on your behalf.


2. Suitable for multiple businesses

When you think of paper cups, what springs to mind? Most likely, your favourite local coffee shop. However, a variety of businesses can benefit from branded paper cups.

Any business that offers their customers a warm beverage – such as an MOT garage, hairdressers, estate agents, or even a bank – can increase brand awareness by offering their customers a paper cup with your logo printed on it.


3. Demonstrate green credentials

In this day and age, increasing amounts of consumers are making purchase decisions based on a brand’s sustainability agenda. Show your customers that you’re committed to making environmentally friendly choices, by providing them with a paper cup that’s fully compostable, biodegradable and made from sustainably sourced materials.


Including details about the sustainable origins of your paper cups will demonstrate to your customers that you are committed to pursuing a sustainable agenda, and may even alert customers to the fact that your brand is eco-conscious. 

Here are PackGenie, we are also passionate about protecting the environment. Our Single Wall Custom Branded Coffee Cups are made from 100% recyclable materials, which are sourced from forests approved and managed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). 

This something that you could highlight as part of your custom design, while also reminding your customers that their cups are fully-recyclable. 


4. Limited edition designs

Most of you will be aware of Starbuck’s infamous pumpkin spiced latte, served in their limited edition holiday cups. In fact, their holidays cups are so popular with consumers, that business insider even published an article covering 23 years of Starbucks cups. 

By opting for themed branded paper cups for different holidays and seasons, you can create a buzz around your product, attracting potential customers and helping to retain loyal ones.


5. Encourages social media engagement

As demonstrated year-on-year by the arrival of the aforementioned Starbucks holiday cups, branded paper cups are a great way to encourage customer engagement on social media.-

User-generated content (UGC) is gold to businesses, as it doesn’t require a time or money investment. Well-designed branded paper cups are a great way to encourage your customers to post images of themselves with your product in the frame.


6. Custom branding for events

Are you planning an upcoming event? Perhaps you’re intending to showcase your brand with a stall at an exhibition or a fundraiser? Offer people their beverages in branded paper cups to help spread the word among the other invitees, and help to attract people’s curiosity in your business.


7. Cost-effective 

For many businesses, such as coffee shops, paper cups are necessary. Don’t waste the opportunity to spread brand awareness, by making sure they’re branded. While it requires a little extra investment than plain paper cups, it’s a far more cost effective way to boost brand awareness than other types of advertising.


8. Attention grabbing

If you are considering ordering branded paper cups, it’s important to ensure that the design and artwork you choose to decorate the cups is attention-grabbing. You want to make sure that anyone who sees your cup is impressed by its aesthetic, as this will help to encourage potential customers to visit your establishment.

Consider using bright colours, interesting patterns, and bold fonts when designing your branded paper cups, as these will ensure that they stick out from the crowd.


9. Travelling advertising

Unlike a billboard, a branded paper cup is a form of advertising that moves around. Customers will buy a beverage from you in a take-away cup, before moving on to their next destination. Without you having to do anything, your logo will be seen by potentially hundreds of people. 


10. Incorporate technology

Add a QR code to your cups, which customers can use to access information such as your website, menu, or upcoming events. 

QR codes can also link your customers to your social media sites, helping to increase your follower count, and allow your client base to view any exciting new announcements.

Additionally, a QR code could be linked to a customer loyalty scheme, offering them discounts next time they visit your establishment.

As such, QR codes are just another way that you can use paper cups to add to the customer experience, therefore encouraging customer loyalty. 


Order branded paper cups

Ordering a branded paper cup with PackGenie couldn’t be easier. Simply take a look at our Branded Paper Cups selection, where you’ll discover a variety of cup sizes, which range up to 20 ounces. Also note that we offer lids, drinks carriers,  and paper straws.


After you have chosen which product you need, order in batches as small as 1000 cups. Either supply us with your own artwork, or we can offer you free design preparation.


If you’re on the hunt for high-quality and effective branding for your café, eatery, or milkshake business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’ll be more than happy to help improve your brand awareness.


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