10 examples of interesting, printed sticker uses for food businesses

Branding your food business is your chance to get creative and make your company memorable.


Beyond coming up with a logo, designing posters, and posting on social media, there are plenty of other ways you can share your brand’s message and create a cohesive image that will keep customers coming back again and again.


One of our favourite ways to add branding to anything and everything is through the use of stickers. We produce a range of different sticker shapes and sizes that can be used on pretty much anything in your food business.


Here are 10 examples of how you can use stickers to improve your food business’ branding:


  • Brand your bottles


Offering your drinks to-go? Don’t just keep it looking plain and boring, add a fun sticker to it!


You could use branded stickers to make the bottle look more appealing to customers which can be customised to suit your needs.

 custom printed labels for plastic juice bottles

  • Allergen information


Let customers know if your products contain milk, eggs, or gluten – you could even have special stickers to help customers see what is and isn’t vegetarian.


  • Organise your workplace


Stickers don’t just have to be used to help customers, they can also be used to organise your ingredients and equipment out back.


  • Brand your loyalty cards


Add some fun stickers to your loyalty card to notify customers of upcoming promotions, or just as an exciting addition to make the cards more interesting.


  • On takeaway bags


Takeaway bags can be a little boring, so add some branded stickers to the outside to get customers excited as soon as their food is delivered.


  • Shout out about your offers


Want to let your customers know about upcoming deals, offers or new product launches? A sticker could be the perfect way to do this.


  • Make your to-go section clearer


Use labels on your to-go items so customers can clearly see what every item so they can be in-and-out if they’re in a rush.


  • Seal your boxes up


Keep your food sealed and fresh using a personalised sticker. You could even print a fun message on the sticker to entice customers.

custom printed labels for mailer boxes


  • Add some personality to your brand


Unlike your website, social media and in-store branding, you can be more creative when it comes to stickers.


Try out different designs, copy, or colours – even if they aren’t your usual branding!

 personalised sticker on food container


  • Personalised thank you messages


Finally, you can use stickers for personalised thankyou messages. Just print a design with space for you to write each customer’s name, it’s an easy way to create more of a personal connection with your customers.

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